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Stargate SG-1 stories by Linda Bindner

Most of these stories take place in Season 8. A few deal with episodes in earlier seasons, but for whatever reason, Season 8 caught and held my attention the best. If this season doesn't interest you, you might want to look elsewhere for your entertainment.

All Because of Daniel's Advice (R) posted 2006-10-31
Long fic--Innocent phone conversations lead General O'Neill to a desperate rescue attempt as he struggles to bring SG-1 back from a failed mission to an alien planet in a part of the galaxy that's nowhere near Earth.
An Asgard Hour (PG-13) updated 2010-05-25
Thor helps Carter in her greatest 'time' of need.
At Wits' End (PG) posted 2009-07-06
The real reason why Jack transferred out of the SGC.
Ba'al, as in Boche (PG) posted 2007-01-13
Long drabble or short short story. Sam and Ba'al have a conversation. Episode addition to 'The Quest.'
Bachelor Party (PG-13) posted 2008-04-04
General O'Neill gets a surprise visit from Pete when they both attend the same bachelor party with a fallout that neither ever suspects.
Beef... It's What's for Dinner (PG) posted 2006-12-16
Carter loses a bet and has to cook supper for Daniel and Teal'c with only Jack to help, but Pete is not at all happy about the situation.
Beyond 'Moebius' a Novel - Part I - Magnets (PG) Blue Moon Award Nominee posted 2008-06-08
All timelines lead to Ancient Egypt
Beyond 'Moebius' a Novel - Part II - Wedding...s: A Trauma in Infinite Parts (PG) posted 2008-06-08
Beyond 'Moebius' a Novel - Part III - Samantha's Journal (NC-17) posted 2008-06-08
Do we really want to do this, orders or not?
Beyond 'Moebius' a Novel - Part IV - Conversations (PG-13) posted 2008-06-08
Jack talks - a lot - and to many different people.
Beyond 'Moebius' a Novel - Part V - The Main Event (PG-13) posted 2008-06-08
Even weddings, or rehearsal for those weddings, don't always go as planned.
The Birthday Present (NC-17) Blue Moon Award Nominee posted 2007-03-26
Colonel O'Neill plans a new way of handling Sam's birthday.
Blast From the Past (PG) Blue Moon Award Nominee posted 2007-07-03
A package from the past has unforeseen consequences for Colonel Carter and General O'Neill.
Brain Power - Part I (PG) posted 2008-04-13
General O'Neill and Colonel Carter come in contact with an alien device that has the most unexpected consequences.
Brain Power - Part II (PG) posted 2008-04-13
Part II
Brain Power - Part III (PG) posted 2008-04-13
Part III
Brain Power - Part IV (PG) updated 2008-04-18
Part IV
Burn Out (R) Blue Moon Award Nominee posted 2007-04-17
Sam and Jack have 'the conversation' after Sam is mysteriously found on the living room floor of her house, unconscious, by a terrified Cassie. P.S. Jack is a general in this story.
The Calm Before the Storm (G) posted 2008-08-23
Continuum Spoilers Alternate timeline Jack has Sam on the brain, and he's determined to do something about it.
Centerfold (PG) posted 2007-06-22
Jack has quite a surprise waiting for him in the commissary.
Change Comes In Many Disguises (PG-13) updated 2006-08-06
Jack suffers a severe medical condition that forces Sam to reevaluate her life.
Changes (R) posted 2006-11-23
Several changes are in store for O'Neill and Major Carter when Sam suffers an attack from two unknown assailants. Rated R for adult situations.
Chats, Chess, and Cheetos (R) posted 2007-02-22
A conversation leads to a game of chess, which leads to....
`Chimera' Conversations (PG) posted 2010-05-22
Attempts to phone Pete lead to a very revealing conversation between Carter and O'Neill.
*Cloned Identies (PG-13) posted 2013-09-23
The teenaged Duplicate O'Neill sets out to do some team reconnaissance, but the results are nothing close to what he expects!
The Confessions of an Obsessed Theoretical Astrophysicist (PG-13) updated 2007-06-10
Fishing... Conversation... A marriage proposal... Elvis... What can all these possibly have to do with each other?
A Curve of His Own (PG) posted 2012-02-26
Merrin, 4 years later, according to Jack and Sam.
Decision (R) posted 2007-01-28
A 'Threads' episode addition.
Desperate Confessions (PG) posted 2007-03-16
Episode addition to `Desperate Measures.' Jack apologizes and explains his actions to Carter.
Disclosure (G) posted 2007-05-06
Sam has a secret to tell Daniel and Teal'c that will hopefully explain her mysterious behavior at the end of a team night at her house.
Divorce Series - Talkin' Turkey (PG) updated 2011-09-09
Divorce Series (1 of 6) Jack's cabin just `encourages' honesty. AU post season 8.
Divorce Series - Talkin' Turkey, Too (PG) posted 2011-09-09
Divorce Series (2 of 6) Pete has his say, and Sam responds. Jack is the unofficial referee.
Divorce Series - The Chicken to Egg to Omelette Interlude (PG) posted 2011-09-13
Divorce Series (3 of 6) Just what is a `safe bet' anyway?
Divorce Series - Carter's Goose is Cooked (PG) posted 2011-09-16
Divorce Series (4 of 6) The real truth about Pete reveals itself.
Divorce Series - Carter's Goose is REALLY Cooked (PG) posted 2011-09-20
Divorce Series (5 of 6) More awful truths.
Divorce Series - As Deceptive as a Bluejay (PG) posted 2011-09-23
Divorce Series (6 of 6) Revenge.
Dream Reality (PG) updated 2007-10-21
General O'Neill finally takes matters involving his relationship with Carter into his own hands.
'Endgame's Endgame, Part I (PG) posted 2011-04-01
Episode tag to 'Endgame.' The 'fun' is over -- now Jack has to pay the consequences.
'Endgame's Endgame, Part II (PG) posted 2011-07-18
Jack with free time is a Jack with Sam time.
'Endgame's Endgame, Part III (NC-17) posted 2011-07-18
Is it all for naught?
'Endgame's Endgame, The Epilogue (PG) posted 2011-08-13
A year later.
'Engaging' Truths (PG-13) posted 2010-10-14
The truth of the Sam/Pete relationship according to Jack and Cassie.
Enough, Already (NC-17) posted 2007-02-28
General O'Neill visits Colonel Carter at Area 51 to explain a deal he's just made that could affect both their lives.
Excuses (PG-13) posted 2007-11-06
Sam hits the roof when she accidentally discovers Pete's attempted background check of her. SG-1 and General O'Neill help to keep her calm in a crisis situation and to pick up the pieces of her life.
Expect the Unexpected (PG-13) posted 2008-08-06
Alternate reality, sort-of character death story. Long, but complete, fic. But don't let any of that turn you off.
A very depressed Sam goes through the quantum mirror only to find the unexpected on the other side. How does one change the unexpected? And does Sam want to change anything?
First Prime Christmas (G) posted 2015-12-18
Jack tries to explain Christmas to a confused Teal'c.
Freeze (NC-17) posted 2007-06-22
Frozen ice cream doesn't necessarily equal Carter's frozen emotions.
Games People Play (NC-17) posted 2006-09-05
From argument to court-martial... How on Earth did Jack and Sam reach this point?
Hitting the Limit (PG) posted 2007-06-10
Sam's reaction to the news of General O'Neill's promotion isn't quite how she's expected to react.
Holding (G) posted 2006-10-13
Sam is in a really bad mood. O'Neill insists that only a hug from her team leader can dispel it.
Home, Sweet Home (PG) posted 2007-01-13
Surprises await General O'Neill's retirement from the Air Force.
Homecoming (G) posted 2006-10-05
Jack visits Colorado Springs after his retirement, and Sam picks him up at the Denver Airport at the commencement of that visit.
How One Simple Hole Can Change the Universe (NC-17) posted 2006-11-23
O'Neill is put on temporary medical leave while Sam tries to decide what to do with the man who is ... temporarily ... not her CO. Rated NC-17 for Adult situations.
Intervention, Siler Style (G) posted 2007-09-23
Sergeant Siler to the rescue... again!
*In Mourning? (PG) posted 2013-05-05
The Truth is often in the eye of the beholder.
Introspection: Sam! Wake Up and Smell the Coffee! (PG-13) updated 2008-09-16
A talk with herself, a talk with Daniel, a talk with Pete, a talk with Jack... Sam finally figures out what she truly wants out of life.
Jacob's discovery (R) posted 2007-01-03
Sequel to The Mission. Jacob Carter shows up at the SGC demanding answers to some awkward questions about a certain mission to the Tok'ra homeworld that Sam took part in a month ago.
Janet's Advice (G) posted 2006-08-14
Janet and Sam have a long overdue conversation.
K.I.A. (R) posted 2007-09-29
Jack thinks Sam is dead. Or is she?
K.I.A. Continued (NC-17) posted 2007-09-29
Sam returned from the dead only to face a court-martial with Jack? Oi! What next? Jaffa flavored Fruit Loops?
Life Interrupted (R for language) posted 2007-12-13
Jack and Sam talk after Sam quite unexpectedly has to leave the Air Force.
Links in the Chain (PG) posted 2009-02-27
What do Jack and Sam choose to do with the fact that Jack is no longer Sam's CO in `Chain Reaction?'
Life's Unexpected Challenges (R/NC-17) posted 2007-01-03
Jack suggests a very unexpected solution to a problem of Sam's that might have extremely adverse effects on their military careers.
Marriage Series - Problem (R) Blue Moon Award Nominee updated 2007-05-02
Part 1 in the Marriage Series. Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter make an innocent mistake, and end up married. But now what?
Marriage Series - Family Reunion (R) posted 2007-02-06
Part 2 in the Marriage Series. A visit from (Sam's brother) Mark's family puts a whole new twist on this marriage business.
Marriage Series - Offworld (G) posted 2007-05-27
Part 2.5 in the Marriage Series. A slice of married life, alien style.
Marriage Series - All Work and No Play Makes Sam Carter a Very Dull Girl (PG-13) updated 2007-02-28
Part 3 in the Marriage Series. While trying to make their new marriage work, Sam is charged for assaulting the ever-annoying Rodney McKay.
Marriage Series - 'Talking' (PG) posted 2007-02-22
Part 4 in the Marriage Series. For their much-needed marriage talk, Jack and Sam go fishing and end up having a lot to say to each other; which is what fishing is all about.
Marriage Series - 'Reality bites' (R) posted 2007-09-09
Part 5 of the Marriage Series. Sam has to call on an inner strength to save Jack from becoming yet another victim of a vengeful Goa'uld. Will their marriage survive unscathed? Will they?
Missed Opportunity (PG) posted 2006-08-05
An alternate-universe episode addition to 'Moebius.' In the video tape, Jack reveals more than is expected, leaving Jack and SG-1 to deal with the inevitable fallout.
The Mission (R) posted 2007-01-03
What if Pete had never existed? And a mission for the Tok'ra could have lasting effects on Sam and Jack's relationship.
Never (G) posted 2006-09-05
General O'Neill and Colonel Carter are finally forced by unforeseen circumstances to admit several unpleasant truths to each other.
Oh, Brother, Wherefore Art Thou? Thou... er... Thy?... Thine?... Art right here. (G) posted 2007-05-17
Sequel to Under the Stars. Jack and Sam talk to an unwitting Mark about marriage. From Mark's point of view.
*O'Neill's Gifts (PG) posted 2013-07-09
When gifts can be so much more.
O'Neill's List of 'Impossible' Things (PG) posted 2010-07-14
Tag to `New Order, Part II.' Jack's list, and the consequences of reading it.
One Year Lost, Twenty Gained (PG-13) posted 2010-06-13
While checking the Internet pages belonging to the soldiers under his command, Jasck discovers more than he bargains for. (Takes place in season nine, with the characters discussing a pre-series event.)
Ouch! (PG) posted 2007-06-24
Major Carter has the stomach flu from Netu. Only Colonel O'Neill has the right touch that can dispel it.
The Picture Gallery (G) posted 2007-01-13
One of Sam's favorite places on base is staring at a certain picture of a certain General and remembering....
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words (G) posted 2009-01-03
You never can tell who will turn up next when you flip the page of your magazine!
`The Plan' (PG) posted 2008-05-07
Carter's `Plan': Kidnap General O'Neill and make him confess how he feels about her. But like all `Plans,' things don't quite go according to that `Plan.'
Portents (PG-13) posted 2006-10-05
Sam resigns from the Air Force, but a visit to her former General O'Neill in Washington D.C. shows that not all is as it seems.
*Progeny (PG-13) posted 2013-08-23
The title says it all.
Range Riots (G) posted 2010-08-21
SG1's first shooting lesson, held at an outdoor range. From Sam's POV.
Reality Check (R) updated 2006-02-22
Long fic (just to warn you). General O'Neill is told a heart attack is imminent at his follow-up annual health exam, and that information instigates a long sought-after relationship with a certain lieutenant colonel named Sam Carter.
Relationship Series - The Movie (R) posted 2007-03-26
Part 1 in the Relationship Series. Jack and Carter see a movie, eat ice cream, and talk. Is this a date?
Relationship Series - Phone Calls Late at Night are Enough to Thrill Even Jack, the Most Jaded Man in the Universe (R) posted 2007-03-26
Part 2 in the Relationship Series. Jack and Carter share a phone conversation.
Relationship Series - Geez, Jack, I Wasn't Born Yesterday, Ya Know (PG-13) posted 2007-03-26
Part 3 in the Relationship Series. After 'gating to a deserted planet by themselves, Jack and Daniel share an intimate conversation.
Relationship Series - Do You Want Fries With That? (R) posted 2007-04-01
Part 4 in the Relationship Series. Janet and Sam have a conversation over lunch.
Relationship Series - Wise Words From a Wise Man (PG) posted 2007-04-01
Part 5 in the Relationship Series. Jacob has a few words to say about this whole relationship thing.
Relationship Series - Celebration? (G) posted 2007-04-17
Part 6 in the Relationship Series. What's Jack really up to this Christmas?
Relationship Series - NYC, or Bust (NC-17) posted 2007-04-17
Part 7 in the Relationship Series. Sam moves hers and Jack's relationship to the next step.
Sam's Personal Nightmare (PG-13) posted 2007-08-19
Following the events in 'Gemini,' Sam reacts just as Replicator Sam wants her to.
Secret Journey - Part 1 (NC-17) posted 2009-12-22
Secret letters start a journey for Sam and Jack.
Secret Journey - Part 2 (PG) posted 2009-12-22
The journey continues, and so do the letters
Secret Journey - Part 3 (PG-13) posted 2009-12-22
The journey and letters take on a whole new meaning for Sam and Jack
Secrets Revealed (PG-13) posted 2009-09-14
Assisting the allies of the SGC has unexpected consequences for Major Carter.
Semper Eadem (PG-13) updated 2007-07-03
A basic hurt/comfort story, I admit. When Sam suffers an accident, Jack is called on to help her out. But a Goa'uld invasion force may change the world as they know it.
Surprise (PG-13) posted 2007-12-08
An unexpected situation that has transpired seven years later between Shavadai law, general O'Neill, and Colonel Carter prompts both officers to deal with the fraternization regulations in very unusual ways.
Tangential Thoughts (PG) posted 2011-10-07
What did Jack think while Teal'c was meditating in the episode `Tangent?'
Threads Communication Series - `Threads' Continued - Carter Style (PG) posted 2009-10-07
Part 1. Sam and Mark talk--finally.
Threads Communication Series - `Threads' Just Keeps Going and Going... (PG) posted 2009-10-16
Part 2. Now it's Jack's turn to talk to Mark.
Threads Communication Series - Electronic `Threads' (PG) posted 2009-10-22
Part 3. Sam and Jack spend the afternoon e-mailing... with strange consequences.
Threads Communication Series - The `Threads' of DC (PG) posted 2009-10-31
Part 4. The face-to-face communication doesn't quite go as planned.
Threads Communication Series - 'Threads' of Vision (PG) posted 2009-11-13
Part 5. The plot thickens.... Carter learns secrets from Daniel and Mark, and one from Jack, that are more astonishing than secretive.
Threads Communication Series - Coded 'Threads' (PG) posted 2009-11-21
Part 6. Codes, letters, and more secrets.
Threads Communication Series - Wordless 'Threads' (NC-17) posted 2009-11-22
Part 7. What every man dreams of. A cliché in the making.
Threads Communication Series - 'Threads' of Whispered Confessions (PG-13) posted 2009-12-05
Part 8. Can Jack's life really be this good?
Threads Communication Series - Invasion 'Threads' (PG-13) posted 2009-12-13
Part 9. Sam and Jack stumble onto an invasion plot--literally--and are then filmed 'handling' that invasion plot for posterity. Talk about a weird way to 'out' the Stargate program.
Threads Communication Series - Invasion 'Threads' Aftermath (PG) posted 2010-01-10
Part 10. The 'outing' of the Program continues at the SGC...
Threads Communication Series - Invasion 'Threads' Interviews (PG) posted 2010-02-10
Part 11. Interviews can happen in many ways.
Threads Communication Series - Invasion 'Threads' Cleanup (PG-13) posted 2010-02-16
Part 12. Immediate consequences of defying a direct order.
Threads Communication Series - Invasion 'Threads' Presidential Favors (PG) posted 2010-12-30
Conclusion. Just three little words. . . say it all.
Three Men and a Little Lady, Stargate Style (PG) posted 2010-12-10
Seven years ago. Carter abruptly left the SGC without a word to any of her friends. At her sudden reappearance, Jack discovers why she left. (He never would have thought of this!)
Training the Troops (G) updated 2010-07-05
A slice of life for a retired Jack.
Trilogy: Part I: I Knew (PG) posted 2008-11-22
Pete knew that this day would come. It was only a matter of time.
Trilogy: Part II: Still a Chance? (PG) posted 2008-11-22
Sam and Jack talk 'feelings,' no matter how uncomfortable that makes them.
Trilogy: Part III: 1700 Hours (PG) posted 2008-11-22
Jack + Sam + Pizza + Sam's front steps = date? It is when they move it inside.
Truth (PG) posted 2007-05-06
Colonel O'Neill and Daniel come together for a team night and end up having a very revealing conversation.
Under the Stars (NC-17) posted 2007-05-17
While on a shared mission, Colonel Carter and General O'Neill have a long overdue conversation.
Unfinished Business (PG-13) posted 2011-11-10
Colonel O'Neill called Sam 'nuts' during Orlin's visit to Earth. Now, years later, Sam must find the courage to ask General O'Neill what he meant by that.
Unthinkable (R) updated 2012-12-23 Chapters: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28.
Sam does the unthinkable to Jack...or does she? The price for that one question may be too steep for all of them.
Weekend Conversations (NC-17) posted 2006-11-23
Several revealing conversations come about due to a snowstorm that hits Colorado Springs one fateful night.
What If..? (PG) posted 2007-05-06
Sam discovers more differences than the obvious ones when she visits the reality that's alternate to hers. Episode addition to 'The Road Not Taken.'
What the Hell Just Happened? (NC-17) posted 2007-08-19
How the simple act of helping a friend could have so very many consequences.
When Push Comes to Shove... (PG) posted 2009-02-27
Daniel gives some advice to Sam. Season 8.
*The Wild Theory Anthology (PG-13) 2014-04-21
Theories about the show and its characters that are as wild and crazy as possible.

Finished fanfiction stories previously unposted for a variety of reasons. Usually because:

  1. There were problems with the basic plot that I am aware of, but don't want to take the time to fix.
  2. The characters ended up being so out-of-character that I couldn't stand it, and I didn't think fans would either.
  3. Some of these stories are my first ever `Stargate SG-1' stories, back when I knew very little about the military in general or the Air Force in particular, had no one to ask my questions of, and in spite of several hours of Internet research, could not find the correct material to answer my questions. Now, after even more research, I know a lot more, and see how these stories simply cannot work without a lot of rewriting that I'm not willing to do.
Prediction: The End of SG-1 as We Know It? (PG) posted 2009-03-10
Season 9 or 10 -- A surprise awaits SG-1 when they return from another routine mission full of ... TREES!
The Secret That's Not So Secret Any Longer (G) posted 2009-01-28
It's Sam and Jack's secret that Daniel finally figures out. But isn't it Sam who's surprised in the end?
Turn Around (NC-17) posted 2009-01-28
Long! The fraterization regulations are overturned, and the consequences for all of SG-1.
Untitled (PG) posted 2009-01-28
Will Jack and Sam ever figure things out?

Unfinished fanfiction stories. All Works-In-Progress! You've been warned!

Dirty Weekend (PG) posted 2009-02-06
An outing to see the movie `Dirty Dancing' is proposed---much to Jack's ultimate regret.
Final Alert (PG-13) posted 2009-02-06
Tag to `Full Alert'. Someone's going to extreme measures to shut down the SGC.
For Daniel (G) posted 2009-03-10
Final installment in the Relationship Series. What's up with the photo album under Sam's bed?
Watch Your Six (R) posted 2009-02-06
Sam has some 'splainin' to do when she (literally) crashes into General O'Neill's house one Friday morning.

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