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Zorro stories by Linda Bindner

In January 2010, Zorro Productions Inc. (ZPI) acquired the rights to the New World Zorro TV series (starring Duncan Regehr). It has now been released on DVD. Click www.zorro.com for more details, or order from amazon.com.

Linda has one story that does not appear on this web sight. She was asked to contribute an original story for a collection to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Zorro. Her story “Zorro Under Fire” appears in the collection Zorro: The Daring Escapades (ISBN 979-8637608508).

The stories written during 1992-93

(i.e. the graduate school years)

Burning Hearts (PG-13)
Alcalde DeSoto strikes a deal with a criminal, who burns down the tavern in an attempt to seek revenge against Zorro. Available in zine format from Tia's Pals Press.
Center of the Storm (NC-17) posted 2006-04-25
(Sorry this took so long to post--it had to be typed, and my typing is slooooow!) A dust storm hits Los Angeles, trapping Diego and Victoria alone in the tavern, where several truths are revealed.
Courtship (PG-13)
Victoria is forced to marry Diego when Alcalde DeSoto attempts to seize control of the tavern. What will happen to Diego, and Victoria without Zorro? Available in zine format from Tia's Pals Press.
The Promise (PG) posted 2006-01-03 (also published as The Promise Unmasked)
Zorro is shot while fighting for justice in the plaza and only Victoria can save him. Available in zine format from MacWombat Press.
Rape of Innocence (PG-13)
Four criminals make an attempt to assault and rob Victoria, and only Diego, not Zorro, is in the tavern to come to her aid. An emotional fallout is inevitable. Available in zine format from Mary Ann McKinnon.
To Friends (PG)
A friend of Alejandro's shows up at the hacienda's front door and demands that Alejandro honor an arranged marriage between Diego and his daughter, Elizabeth. Victoria is less than pleased when she hears about it. A true episode in written form. Available in zine format from Tia's Pals Press.

The stories written after October, 2004

6000 Pesos (PG)
The Alcalde has really changed, after the visit by Emissary Risendo; he's offered Zorro unexpected freedom. And the sequel Dreams? Or is It Reality?
After the Secret (R)
Things get a little out of hand when Victoria learns Diego's secret and ends up carrying his child. DeSoto finds out about it. What will happen when he endeavors to lure the masked man out of hiding by threatening to hang the one woman whom he thinks knows the man's hidden identity? A sequel to Unburdening the Soul.
Alternate Ending to 'One Special Night' (R)
This episode sparked tons of alternate ending stories. Here's my version of the way events could have gone...
Alternate Ending To 'One Special Night,' Version 2 (R)
That's right, an alternate alternate ending.
Anniversary (PG-13)
An alternate ending (again--sorry) to Courtship, from Victoria's point of view.
>Bishop's Gamble (PG-13) posted 2018-10-20
Bishop returns to confront Zorro again, but Diego gets in the way.
*A Brain Fully Fried (PG) [html] [epub] posted 2020-10-04
After Zorro and Victoria's first kiss, from Diego's point of view.
Choices (NC-17)
Emotions not easily reckoned with push Diego into marrying Victoria. The results of marriage to the man known as Zorro aren't easy for Victoria to live with when he's seriously wounded one day in the plaza...
The Coming Storm (G) posted 2015-02-18
Felie's thoughts on Zorro, on Diego, and on life.
Confession (NC-17)
At Alejandro's insistence, Diego tells his secret to Victoria after a supper party. It's up to Victoria to decide what to do with her new knowledge. A semi-sequel to Facing Fears.
The Consequences of a Conversation One Sunday Morning After Mass (NC-17)
A confession, a wedding, a baby, eventual discovery by the Alcalde... What's a guy to do?
The Courtier (R)
Diego does the thing that scares him the most - he courts Victoria as himself. However, his emotions won't help him hide his identity from the woman he loves, even as himself.
Crack Shot (R) updated 2006-01-24
DeSoto tries to force Zorro to reveal himself by going after Victoria. The result isn't quite what he expects, however.
de Soto's Deception (PG) posted 2015-02-18
de Soto as you've never thought of him before! Diego hadn't thought of this, either.
Declaration (PG-13)
It's been several weeks since Zorro has been seen in the pueblo, and certain sacrifices that had to be made are driving Diego to distraction... enough that he's tempted to tell Victoria his secret. They plan to get married, but Alcalde DeSoto has plans as well.
Dialogue (R) posted 2006-02-17
One week after the events in After the Secret, Victoria talks to Padre Benitez about weddings, the coming baby, religion, and Diego. But she is still not prepared for what the padre tells her. Sequel to After the Secret, which is in turn a sequel to Unburdening the Soul.
Diego's Dream (PG) posted 2006-07-02
This is an AU expansion of the episode An Explosive Situation. In that episode, we never saw what it was that Diego fantasized about, his 'hopes and dreams' of the future. This story is just one attempt to answer that intriguing question.
Dirty Deeds (G) written 2019-07-30 [html] [epub]
It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. Part of the Zorro Anniversary Celebration.
Discovery (PG-13)
During a walk, Alcalde DeSoto sees a very amorous couple just arriving at the back of the tavern at dawn. It's Victoria Escalante and Diego de la Vega, two people known not to be married! He tries to use his information at the tavern later that same day, only to have his plans backfire - heavily.
The Document (PG)
A single soldier carries unexpected news to pueblo de Los Angeles... as well as a pardon for a certain masked outlaw.
Dreaded Decision (PG-13)
The worst has happened - no, Diego hasn't been killed, but Zorro has been captured by the Alcalde, is sentenced to be hung at dawn, and has no idea what to do about it.
Dreams and Nightmares (PG-13)
Victoria stumbles onto the cave as well as the man she loves, and is furious at his deception. How can Diego possibly win her back?
Dreams? Or is It Reality? (PG) posted 2009-01-16
Sequel to 6000 Pesos. Is unmasking really all Diego dreamed that it would be?
Elegy (PG)
The chase is on! Diego's hidden identity is discovered by... Mendoza?
The End of All Things (PG)
This story was supposed to be the last story... and it wasn't even close to the last one. It's mostly an exploration of both Diego's and Victoria's characters and the events leading up to and those on the day of their wedding. Oh, and it's extremely LONG!
Entries (PG)
As in journal entries - as in Diego's journal entries. How he personally handles the divulgence of his secret to Victoria, the Mexican Revolution for independence, the election of his father as the new alcalde, marriage... marriage?
The Eyes Never Lie (PG)
Victoria confronts Diego about the fact that she has seen him watching her as he sits in her tavern.
A Fate Carved in Ice (PG-13) posted 2015-02-08
A conversation ensues when Diego and Victoria take shelter from yet another unexpected storm. A one-shot.
Facing Fears (PG)
Alejandro stumbles on Zorro's secret cave while Diego and Felipe prepare for a ride into the pueblo. Conversation ensues.
The Fight (R)
DeSoto wants to use Victoria as bait for Zorro and chases her to the de la Vega hacienda - where he learns Diego's most guarded secret, and the fight is on.
Francisco (R)
Victoria's brother, Francisco, suffers at the hands of rebels near Monterey. Diego accompanies Victoria to the northern pueblo, only to have many unforeseen events take place there.
Friends (PG-13)
Victoria seeks Alejandro's advice about the benefit of arranged marriages, pushing Zorro into revealing himself far sooner than he would wish. A great friendship is then explored in Diego's and Victoria's relationship as they prepare for their wedding.
Getting Rid of Zorro (PG-13) posted 2014-09-01
Diego goes about ending Zorro in a unique way.
Glass Splinters (PG) updated 2006-09-30
While staring at Diego through a glass she's polishing, Victoria comes to realize that there are more sides to Diego de la Vega than he lets on. Finished.
The Good Trap (PG) written 2019-07-30 [html] [epub]
A visit from Victoria's brother has surprising results. Part of the Zorro Anniversary Celebration.
A Hero Unveiled (PG)
Alejandro doesn't discover his son's secret identity, he figures it out. Diego then hatches a simple, elegant plan to oust De Soto from the pueblo. From Alejandro's point of view. A sequel to Nightmare.
Hidden Agendas (NC-17) updated 2006-04-14
The Alcalde uncovers Diego's secret just as he reveals himself to Victoria. Diego faces certain death. Is everything as hopeless as it seems?
Hungry (PG)
Victoria has a plan to unmask Zorro, only things don't quite work out according to those plans. They then spend the evening in conversation, yet Victoria still doesn't know his identity. A few days later, the Mexican army puts a whole new spin on their relationship.
Issues (PG) written 2019-08-17 [html] [epub]
Even Zorro has issues.
In Name Only (PG-13) posted 2006-02-28
In an attempt to stop what Diego believes is an increase in improper propositions to Victoria, he offers a marriage of convenience to her. But can he withstand what such a union promises?
The Legend Ends (PG-13)
A week after the Mexican army takes over Los Angeles, Diego decides on a public unmasking. But how will Victoria take the news?
Letters (PG-13) updated 2006-01-08
Diego comforts Victoria through a letter that Zorro's `death' during the landslide caused by Gilberto Risendo is just a trick to convince the citizens of Los Angeles that Zorro is really gone. Victoria and Diego then start writing letters to each other, getting to know the other better than they ever have before. But will they ever know each other well enough for Diego to unmask for her?
Lost (NC-17)
All of Diego's dreams concerning Victoria finally come true one night when least expected. Of course, that's the best time for dreams to unfold. (If this story were rated, it would certainly be considered NC-17 for mild cursing and explicit sexual content, so read at you own risk.)
Lost Again (R)
This story is extremely long, even by my standards, novella length. It also needs a lot of work, work that I'm not willing to give it at this time - I'd rather write something new. So, some of it may not make much sense, but the rest is very... well, 'interesting' comes to mind. So keep this warning in mind while you read. Oh, this is also the sequel to Lost.
Love and Marriage (R)
Victoria refuses to pay the Alcalde's new income tax, and the Alcalde forces her to pay the penalty - flogging. In the meantime, both Zorro and Victoria have several different opinions about marriage in general, and to each other specifically.
Masks (G)
Another version of the episode 'An Affair to Remember' with practically the same outcome except Diego does remove his mask for Victoria.
Matters of Engagement (PG) posted 2006-01-08
Where the story, Letters leaves off. Diego discovers a unique way to be together with Victoria. But she isn't completely happy with the arrangement.
New Arrangements (NC-17)
The first week of Diego's and Victoria's marriage is explored. A sequel to The Courtier.
A New Lease on Life (PG) posted 2014-09-01
An AU of `A New Lease on Love.' Diego takes things into his own hands.
Nightmare (PG)
It's the end of the relationship between Zorro/Diego and Victoria. How can he ever win her back?
Out of the Frying Pan... (R)
Victoria discovers Zorro's secret identity when he has to hide from Alcalde DeSoto as Diego. Her severe anger comes into play at that point.
Panic Attack (PG)
What could have happened in the episode 'A New Lease On Love.' An A.U.
Passion vs. Sainthood (NC-17)
The tavern becomes the scene for several unsavory assault attempts, not to mention Zorro's unmasking. The eventual fallout ensues.
Past and Present: a Collision (PG) posted 2011-07-22
Don Xavier Miguel Francisco Caroga--the original Alcalde of Los Angeles--comes to the pueblo---with explosive results.
The Perfect Choice (PG)
Diego decides to tell Victoria his secret identity. Only, before she can respond, the Alcalde gives Zorro a choice of his own.
The Quandary of Freedom (NC-17)
When the Mexican army offers a pardon to Zorro, all Diego's dreams seem to come true. What will he do with this new amnesty once he gets it?
A 'Real' Marriage (R) and its Alternate Ending (PG)
Thinking only of future generations of de la Vegas, Alejandro strikes a 'deal' with a neighbor that unless Diego chooses a woman to marry in one week, there will be an arranged marriage to the neighbor's daughter, Teresa. But what about Victoria? Where does she fit into all this?
Resurrection (NC-17) posted 2014-07-30
It's 25 years after Zorro. Victoria has disappeared. But her and Diego's ties to Zorro are infinite.
Ruminations (PG)
It's a picnic between Zorro and Victoria, it's in a secluded meadow, it's almost siesta - it's time to be unmasked.
Revolution (PG-13)
It's been a week since the Mexican army has come to Los Angeles - what's a man harboring the biggest secret of the century supposed to do but tell it to the one he loves the most?
The Scene From 'Courtship' That You Never Saw (NC-17) updated 2006-01-08
An alternate ending to Courtship, from Diego's point of view.
Second Chances (R) Chp 1 Chp 2 Chp 3 Chp 4 Chp 5 Chp 6 Chp 7 Chp 8 Chp 9 Chp 10 Chp 11 Chp 12 Chp 13 Chp 14 updated 2006-07-02
Victoria suffers a head injury and wakes with no memory of Zorro!
Secrets (R)
This story is an alternate ending, version two, to my original story written in 1993 called Courtship. That particular story was written one week when I had imminent marriage jitters to contend with. I initially wrote it in longhand, and after discovering the first version again more than a decade later, I found a bunch of pages that were crossed out, but the content still intrigued me, so I had to write a new ending to see what might have happened. Courtship should be read first, or else you'll have no idea what's going on. Secrets starts in the middle of Chapter 4, right after Victoria inadvertently ends up in Diego's room.
*See No Evil (PG) written 2021-09-02 [html] [epub]
Diego is seen sword fighting with Sir Edmond Kendall at the hacienda in 'Master and Pupil.'
Sergio's Secret (PG) posted 2014-11-01
Sergio's adventures with Zorro don't end with finding the cure for his disease. An episode addition to `Symbol of Hope.'
Siesta (R)
It's siesta time, a time for sleeping, dreaming... confession?
'Talk' (PG) posted 2011-07-17
Felipe makes sure his 'punishment' for a household mishap is really to Diego's benefit.
Tavern Talk (PG) [html] [epub]posted 2019-07-26
A short conversation between Diego and Victoria.
Terrible (R)
Warning: extremely adult themes. Nightmares and the stuff of nightmares haunt Diego and Victoria when he makes an offer for her hand. Based to take place after the television episode 'Pirates.'
Thoughts (PG-13)
Diego does the most daring thing he's ever considered - he walks into the tavern, unmasked, and sweeps Victoria off her feet, literally. Unfortunately, Alcalde DeSoto also hears about the occurrences across the plaza, and the consequences must be paid.
Tornado (PG-13) posted 2014-09-01
An unusual storm in Los Angeles turns deadly.
Transformations (R) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 updated 2006-09-14
Chaos reigns when Zorro's sword is stolen and delivered into the hands of the Alcalde. (finished)
Treason (R) posted 2005-12-04
(Long!) Traitorous thoughts lead Diego to acts of treason when Victoria suffers great insults concerning her relationship with Zorro...only it's all part of a trap that leads not to throwing Ignacio DeSoto out of Los Angeles, but to jail and an appointment with the gallows, for both Diego and Victoria. How will they ever survive this mess?
Truth and Consequences (R)
Victoria has figured out Zorro's most guarded secret; but then what?
The Truth of the Secret (R)
Felipe sends Victoria a very cryptic letter while he's studying in Spain that asks her to go to the de la Vega hacienda where Diego will tell her what happens next - only what happens next is nothing that either of them can predict!
Two Hearts? (PG)
Zorro has been captured, unmasked, and rejected by Victoria. But is all truly lost?
Unburdening the Soul (PG)
It's the end of the television series where Alejandro asks Diego about a certain thing gnawing at the back of his brain concerning Diego's apparent sword fighting skills. That conversation then leads to explaining the secret to Victoria, who has several reactions to the circumstances.
Unexpected Revelations (PG-13) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 updated 2015-10-08
Things never go as expected. Diego's things are no different. And what happens next is really unexpected.
Victoria's Journal (PG-13)
Using a list of caballeros' names, Victoria narrows down the possible candidates for Zorro until only Diego's name is left. But he can't possibly be Zorro! Can he? In journal entry format.
Weathering the Storm (R) posted 2006-01-29
Zorro's secret is at risk when he and Victoria take shelter in a cave for the night from a horrible storm, and later when the Alcalde makes a startling and wholly unexpected revelation, claiming to know all about his arch enemy's identity. But what does the official plan to do with the knowledge he's gained?
The Worth of a Good Reputation (R) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 updated 2011-02-09
Diego and Victoria get caught in a very compromising position---the only options are to suffer the censure and low opinion of others... or to marry.
Zorro Revealed (R)
Zorro is having some trouble handling Gilberto Risendo's death, and he goes to Victoria to help him deal with it.

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