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Original fiction and nonfiction by Linda Bindner

A YA ghost story--When 12 year old Allison moves into her grandparent's old house in a small town in Iowa, she meets the ghostly Amelia. For better or worse, her life is never the same.
The Captain and His Kids
Young nanny/governess Melanie Stevens moves to Denver to take care of the 5 children of the wealthy widower Captain Christopher Kartwright. But instead of a simple job, Melanie finds much more than she bargained for in the high life of Denver.
The Micki Adventures
I wrote this book for my ten year old neice who was bored isolating during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.
Middle grade fiction: Ten-year-old Micki is really the ultra bored Princess Em of Ruralusia, a country fighting a sickness that typically leads to death. But death is far from Micki's mind when she runs away and meets Al. That's when the adventure truly begins.


  1. Boredom in the Bedroom [html] [epub]
  2. Freedom [html] [epub]
  3. Trouble in the Square [html] [epub]
  4. Friends and Enemies [html] [epub]
  5. To be a Princess [html] [epub]
  6. Turn About is Fair Play [html] [epub]
  7. Bedroom Chats [html] [epub]
  8. A Brush with Royalty [html] [epub]
  9. Radical Ideas [html] [epub]
  10. The Plan [html] [epub]
  11. The Plan, Part II [html] [epub]
  12. Dungeon Delights [html] [epub]
  13. Surprises [html] [epub]
  14. Unlikely Heroes [html] [epub]
  15. The Queen [html] [epub]

Pirates! Chp 1 Chp 2 Chp 3 Chp 4 Chp 5 Chp 6 Chp 7 Chp 8 Chp 9 Chp 10 Chp 11 Chp 12
Young Stuart loves to hear about pirates, knows all about pirates, and dreams about pirates. But dreams are a lot closer to reality than he thinks when he's kidnapped by pirates. A children's book.
The Seal of Altair
A young adult science fiction novel. The Altair is second in command of the civilian planet Rasheda. But the current Altair is also fifteen-year-old Beth's personal friend Alan. As a favor to him, she agrees to guide Alan, his adviser, and his bodyguard to some ancient ruins while on an official visit to her Hills farming district home. But Beth gets more than she bargains for when opposing political factions mercilessly attack the group. Before she thoroughly understands what's at stake, Beth and the others have to run for their lives from a well armed force determined to end them.
You Want Me To Do WHAT?
A nonfiction account of the author's recovery from a dramatic stroke.

Other stories [Bordertown] and [Castle] and [Stargate SG-1] and [Star Wars] and [Voyager] and [West Wing] and [Zorro]. Send comments to linda.bindner@gmail.com.

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