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A/N Seventh in the 'Relationship Series.'

NYC, or Bust

by Linda Bindner

Jack pushed the button on the fireplace hearth for a third time, then closely watched the flames of the fire that had been started for them. Hey, Carter, get a load of this! he yelled across the posh room.

Sam thanked the bell boy for carrying two of third bags for them, dismissed him, leaving a tip in his hand, then crossed to Jack's side as the boy left the room. She secretly suspected that the hotel she and Jack had chosen for their holiday trip paid so little for such an archaic service as bell boys so those boys would then get tips from the customers, and then the owners of the hotel wouldn't have to feel guilty about not paying very big salaries to the boys in question... But, she couldn't prove any of it; she was only theorizing at the moment.

As Sam drew closer to the fireplace that Jack had found, she watched him press one of the buttons embedded in its mantel, and orange flames shot out of the stones. He pressed another button, and the flames turned blue. Then, they turned green.

Cool, huh? Jack inquired with a big smile.

Sam just shook her head. Little boys, and their little toys...

What? Jack defensively asked.

Sam grinned at him. If you want to push buttons so badly, you can push my buttons.., she began to say.

Jack grinned back at her. I thought that I already did, he smugly said.

Sam sized him up with her gaze. Oh, you do, big time... But shouldn't we go down to the restaurant and eat something before we go anywhere tonight?

Jack turned to glance at the room he and Sam had been awarded for the next three days, then jumped onto the bed gracing one entire corner of the room. Hey, Sam, look... This bed is just huuuge!

Jack, Sam said in mild aggravation as she followed where he had gone. Were you even listening to me?

Oh, you betcha, he said, But I'm not hungry... I had too many peanuts on the plane, I think... I'd rather roll around on this huuuge bed for a minute first.

Sam smiled at him, and lay down beside him on her back on top of the bed's velvet coverlet. Don't you think it's kind of silly for us to rent the honeymoon suite, though? she inquired. I mean, it's not our honeymoon, or anything. We're not even married!

Jack grinned at her for a second over the coverlet. Nope, he firmly stated. It's Christmas, we deserve this for saving the world again last week, and no one's going to be on their honeymoon now, anyway, not at Christmas. Relax and enjoy the ride, he advised her, still smiling.

Oh, I never said that I didn't intend to enjoy myself, Sam told him. I'm just feeling a bit guilty for...

Don't, Jack stated.

Sam sighed, but quickly acquiesced, especially for her. Okay... She turned to face him. Want to have sex now?

Jack choked, but managed to turn the gesture into a cough. Uh...

Sam grinned again. Gotcha.

Hey! I hadn't even answered yet! Jack protested.

You mean that you do want to have sex? Sam innocently asked.

Again Jack coughed. The idea of you having sex with anybody is still sort of... weird, Jack announced. It's even weirder to think that I get to have sex with you. He hastily amended, 'Weird' in a good way, or course.

Of course, Sam knowingly echoed. But why is it 'weird?' she asked. It's been over a year, she argued. And I certainly haven't been living like a nun all this time.

Jack grinned at her. He said, I'm aware of that...


So... I'm a willing subject if you want to administer the proper test...

I can't believe you just said 'administer' and used it right in a sentence, Sam said. I'll make a scientist out of you yet.

Jack snorted. Over my dead body, he objected.

Sam grimaced. Now, I know that having sex with a dead person is illegal!

Jack smiled at her. Then I better resurrect myself.

Sam couldn't help but smile as well. Let me help you with that.., she said, then reached for him.

Damn! Jack commented. I can hardly even touch you in such a big bed!

We can shortchange the sheets, if that'll help make it seem smaller, Sam suggested, following her suggestion with a long, deep, passionate kiss on his lips.

Jack pulled back when he needed to perish or breath. I thought only Teal'c shorted sheets on beds.

Daniel helps him, Sam told him, and kissed him again.

Jack clutched at her arms. God, Sam, you're gonna kill me anyway...

Good, Sam said, and smiled in satisfaction. That's the plan...

Good plan, Jack riposted, and flipped himself to lay on top of her on the bed.

Sam's eyebrows rose in a mock salute. You gonna show me a good time now? she inquired.

Jack grinned down at her. I thought I already was...

Sam flipped them both until she was lying on top of him. Or I was... And she lazily let her hands wander underneath his untucked sweater. Merry Christmas, she intoned.

Jack also couldn't keep from grinning. Yeah, it's starting to be... He answered every kiss she gave him with a caress of his own. That decision we made to always wear our shirts untucked while off duty was a good one. His fingers stroked across her belly.

Sam kissed him again. I agree, she indolently said as she lost her hold on her own reason, to be replaced by the smell of his skin... It was driving her crazy!

Several silent moments passed as she kissed him in ever deepening displays of affection. She ended her searing gestures by sliding her lips across his neck, and caressing his jaw, making him pant some breaths into her own sweater.

I think we're wearing too many clothes for this little scenario to really work right, Jack managed to say in a whisper.

I agree, Sam whispered right into his ear, then gently bit his earlobe, making him squirm under her.

God, Sam... Jack pulled her sweater over her head in one swift movement.

No fair.., Sam stated, then removed his sweater as well. Better... She kissed his chest, making Jack arch against her, and shivers to course up and down his spine. His skin erupted into goosebumps that had nothing to do with the cold air outside.

Jack flipped them again, a little more roughly than before, landing on top of Sam. Her nimble fingers quickly had the button of his pants undone, and he was completely bare before he could even blink. He shook his head, but he couldn't throw off the haze that was quickly taking over his rationale mind. He was quickly losing his famous sense of control as it spiraled away without him even realizing that it was gone. He looked at Sam, and smiled. Damn, you're well put together, he appreciatively reminded her in a voice so tense, it cracked.

So are you, Sam returned the comment.

Let me keep appreciating.., Jack said, then released her bra from its clasp at her back, slid her own pants and underwear off her legs, and tossed them aside.

While Jack was distracted with what he was doing, Sam flipped them again, then didn't give him time to say anything, but kissed him. At the same time, she rubbed her hips into his erection that had until recently strained against his jeans.

No side arm jokes, he ordered with a smirk.

I wasn't gonna say anything, Sam told him. Instead, she tilted her hips even closer than before.

Jack groaned. He kneaded his fingers across both of her breasts at the same time. Now it was Sam's turn to groan.

Hey, Jack said. Keep your eyes open...

Why? she panted in a delirium if sensation.

You'll see.., he enigmatically said.

Jack, she began to protest, but was soon too lost to say much of anything that was coherent. His fingers were positively magical. She hissed a whisper, Oh, God... Jack...

You just keep saying my name.., Jack whispered back to her.

Why your name? Sam managed to squeak. What's wrong with 'Colonel,' or 'Sir...'

Nothing, Major.

I see our point... Sam moaned one more time, and kissed him again.

In response, Jack slid into her in a swift move of his own.

Sam hissed again, arched her back, ground her hips into his, but said, Oh, God, I ache for you...

Eyes open, Jack reminded on a grunt. But she rendered him speechless with her final arch as she pushed down onto him. His next sound was less an articulation of a word, and more just noise. He pushed into her even deeper...

It was Sam's turn to make a noise in the back of her throat. Then she breathed one word that seemed to be a monumental effort on her part to make. Yeeesss! And she started to move against him. Jack's eyes rolled back into his head. Sam panted, How can I stare into your eyes if you...

Sam, Jack desperately interrupted on a wheeze of air. I swear, I'm gonna explode! He squeezed his eyes shut, and muttered, Crap! You feel so good...

Sam arched her back one final time, grated out a harsh version of, Marry me! then writhed as supreme pleasure washed over her, her eyes piercing through to his soul. Oh, God..! she exclaimed about his suggestion that she keep her eyes open. Her voice was tight as she tried her hardest to keep her gaze trained on his features while it blurred beyond anything recognizable at the same time.

Jack grunted once, not even able to vocalize anything at this point. He clutched at her naked behind, drunk with the emotions coursing through him. He heard her grunted words, but couldn't even begin to answer them as he was bombarded with his own waves of sensation, captured and tossed about, stiff as a board thrown into the sweet torture of his own personal explosion of feelings. Sam! he tried to say, but the word came out more like a moan. He did his best to keep his eyes open and trained to her face, but the passion that burned through his gaze kept forcing his eyes into the back of his head at the desire soaking his bones. At any moment, he felt like he would float away at the joy of it all.

Both Jack and Sam flowed slowly back to earth, panting, sweaty, satisfied, and giddy with the sensations still accosting their minds. A few moments went by as they collected themselves. Jack found his voice at last. You didn't mean that, he said with barely enough air to support the low sound of his voice.

Mean what? Sam inquired, still too dazed to know what he was talking about.

That bit about marrying you...

Oh, that, Sam smiled in comprehension.

Jack tried to pretend that her complacent attitude didn't mean anything to him. It doesn't matter, any..

I meant that, she said, smiled, and laid her head on his shoulder in order to rest and regain her breath.

Jack's eyes popped back to the right side of his head so that he could stare at her. Uh.., he said.

'Uh..,' she mimicked. You sound confused as hell...

Uh.., Jack said again.

Sam smiled into the smooth skin of his shoulder. You already said that. Now, what's it gonna be, O'Neill? she asked. 'Yes,' or 'no?'

Uh.., Jack could only repeat.

Sam lifted her head and gazed at him. I don't believe it... I finally rendered Colonel O'Neill totally speechless. She grinned. Well, this is a first.

Jack was finally able to stare inquisitively at her. Do you mean it.? he asked in a whisper thin voice. What you said?

Sam considered. Well, yeah, she finally answered.

Jack continued to stare at her in shock.

Blink, Sam commanded, a small smile playing over her lips at his continued lack of speech.

Jack blinked, then responded in a way that she had never anticipated. Well, crap! he said as he drew her head back down to his shoulder. I was gonna ask you that same question this week! But you beat me to it.

You can ask, Sam congenially told him. I don't mind.

I think we ought to get married, Jack burst out. You up for it?

Sam spluttered a laugh. How can I possibly turn down something so romantic?

That didn't come out quite the way that I intended it to, Jack interrupted. He grimaced into her hair.

Yeah, Sam agreed. Then, she said no more as she lay against his shoulder.

Jack was quiet for several seconds. He grimaced again. Was that a 'yeah, I'll marry you,' or a 'yeah, I agree with what you're saying?'

Sam clarified. Yeah, I'll marry you, if you'll marry me.

Jack turned his head so that he could stare into her eyes. You want to get married? he asked, incredulous now. Really and truly? You'll put up with me for all time?

Sam raised her own head, and stared straight back at him. Yeah, she nonchalantly replied.

Jack stared some more, then he grinned a grin that rivaled the bed in size. Well, hot damn! he exclaimed.

You wanna fly to Vegas? she asked him.

It was Jack's turn to splutter this time. Hell, yeah! he finally got out.

Sam smiled. Okay, she said, used to being decisive once a decision had been made. Let's go. She rose from beside his warming presence where she'd been curled into a ball as small and warm as possible, kissed him, and started to dress.

Jack was flummoxed by such resolute actions. What? Now? he asked.

Sam turned back towards him, and smiled. Time waits for no man... or woman... or Asgaard... or Tok'ra, she said, pulling on a shoe.

Jack slid off the bed, and landed on the floor in a heap of undignified incredulity. He sat there while she dressed, not quite able to move even if he wanted to. He slowly was able to grin again. Hot damn! he finally said, and, moving easier and easier all the time, reached for his discarded clothes with no more prodding. He dressed with more zeal than he had shown in years. Did you bring your computer? he asked as he wrestled with his socks.

Of course, she answered, walking sedately over to his and her bags, where her personal laptop was resting underneath all her clothes.

Get us on a flight to Vegas as soon as you can, Jack instructed. I mean, one that leaves tonight... He struggled to put on his sweater. He ended up wearing it inside out. He removed it so that he could put it on the correct way.

Sam smiled. I already did, she told him. While you packed...

Jack just stared at her until his grin once more took over his face. I knew there was a reason why I love you so much...

Because I can work a computer? Sam joshingly asked.

Undoubtedly. Jack jumped up, and pulled the ring he had intended to give to Sam out of his jeans packet. Here... You might want to put this on.

Sam stared at the ring before slowly taking it from him. She was puzzled for a moment, then her features cleared, and she smiled at him. You got me a puzzle ring, didn't you? she asked. The four bands that were woven together to make one ring glistened in her hand. I've seen these before... She looked up at him again.

Jack shrugged. I figured that the four bands could stand for all of us... he four of us on SG-1. he grinned disarmingly. Besides, I didn't see anything else I liked, he sheepishly explained, then went on, I figured it will give you something to solve on the flight...

Cool, she declared.

Jack grinned; did he know her, or what? he thought to himself, pleased, as he and Sam each grabbed a bag to sling over their shoulders. They left the honeymoon suite without looking back. It had served its purpose, anyway.

Sequel: For Daniel

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