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Prediction: The End of SG-1 as We Know It

by Linda Bindner

Off-world activation!

Walter Harriman's voice echoed through the base loudspeakers, the call traveling down the corridors and into every room imaginable. It also easily traversed the guest quarters assigned to General Jack O'Neill, head of Homeworld Security, based out of Washington D.C., and thus, a visiting dignitary.

Only, O'Neill didn't feel particularly dignified as he entered the gallery outside his room, and was unceremoniously shoved into the nearest wall by a scrambling group of SFs assigned to guard duty in the Embarkation Room. Jack had forgotten how unorganized the mad scramble to the Embarkation Room could be when Walter's tone of voice alone indicated that the unscheduled Stargate activation was not a drill, and hostiles could be evident inside the base within a matter of seconds.

With that timely reminder firmly in... mind.., O'Neill jogged down the quickly emptying corridor toward the same room that all personnel were currently aiming for at a run. P-90s and M-16s were grabbed, hauled around facing front, or held tightly to the chest as each soldier took up position in the Embarkation Room, staring at the corrugated metal ramp leading down from the circular ring of naqueda that denoted it as the Stargate. The iris was just swirling apart when Jack entered the room from one side, and General Hank Landry entered from the other.

It's SG-1's signal, Landry was saying to Jack as he joined the leader of the underground Air Force base to stand in a sort of welcome home committee of two at the bottom of the ramp.

Landry glanced inquiringly at O'Neill. What are you here to do? Welcoming home our errant team? Or something worse?

Jack gave a momentary smile, aimed at Landry. It's not worse, exactly, he said. But I would be lying if I said that my presence here is acting as a simple welcome home because I happened to be in the neighborhood, too.

Not worse, exactly, Landry repeated as the iris completed its disengage order by withdrawing into the side of the Stargate casing itself. So, are you going to tell me what you are officially doing here, or do I have to wait like everybody else?

Again, O'Neill smiled.

Landry nodded. I have to wait, he said, and even the youngest SF present could hear the disappointment in the commander's voice. He turned forward, but grunted, I hope you know what you're doing.

So do I, Jack repeated. They both turned to face the Stargate ramp then, as the disparate members of Sg-1 walked through the event horizon and clanked down the ramp.

Colonel Cam Mitchell was the last to arrive through the alien device, and he watched carefully behind them all until the iris again closed. The other four members of the team made note of the two Generals who stood at the bottom of the ramp, patiently waiting for a report on the mission.

Well, Mitchell spoke up. There's nothing to cater to on that planet, all right. Just trees, trees, and more trees. He noticed Jack standing, waiting for them. General O'Neill! he said in a vocal explosion. So glad that you're here... You saved me the trouble of sending this on to you... Here, this is for you, with the fondest of regards. He handed Jack a twig with the leaves still attached to it. From you former teammates... Said that you would know what they were referring to?

Jack grinned and took the verdant offering. Oh, yeah, he said as he dipped the leaves upside down, then waved them back and forth like a tiny flag. Daniel and Carter know how much I just LOVE all kinds of trees, he sarcastically said.

Daniel Jackson, resident team archaeologist, spluttered a laugh, and shared a glance with Sam Carter, computer expert and team scientist. She gazed back at him and smiled as she played with the bill of the military issue hat that she had removed upon first sight of Jack. Nervous now at the mere sight of her former CO... in fact, always nervous at the sight of her former team commander... she stood just a fraction more at attention during Mitchell's report.

Landry turned again towards O'Neill, then spread his hands wide. Well, for what it's worth, welcome home SG-1. And now, General O'Neill claims that he has something to share with us, but I'm as in the dark as you are. But if you'll all gather around before heading to the Infirmary...

Gotta love those planets full of trees, Jack said with a smirk on his face. But, at least, those trees weren't hiding any pesky natives this time.

No, no natives, pesky or otherwise, Daniel said. Now, Jack, what's up? You haven't been reassigned again of anything, have you? he asked.

Your house is for sale once more and you wish to ask us for a loan in order to offer to buy it back? Teal'c guessed.

Jack pointed his finger at him. Hey, now that would be really cool! he said, But, no, that's not why I'm here. He hesitated, then turned toward Colonel. Actually, I need to see Colonel Carter for a minute.

Me, Sir? Carter inquired, and when O'Neill nodded, she unslung her weapon from around her shoulder and handed it to Teal'c while at the same time handed her hat on to Daniel. She hopped the last two steps down to the floor level. What do you need? she asked, Computer repair? Metal readings? Deep Space radar telemetry? she joked, and the rest of the present SGC members laughed.

O'Neill waited for the noise to die down. Uh, no, though the radar telemetry is tempting, he said, then reached into his right dress jacket pocket. I have something to show you.

Carter looked instantly interested. Something to identify? she asked.

Um.., Jack hemmed. Not exactly, he repeated. Then he handed her what looked like some kind of... thing... with yellow writing on a flexible blue background. Take a look, he suggested.

Sam Carter glanced at the object in her hands, then turned it over and glanced at it again. She drew in a deep breath, and blinked. Is this..?

It is. Jack nodded. I got my letter last evening, He patted the letter that was sticking out of his left jacket pocket before going on, and then I flew here in order to grab that patch at the Academy first thing this morning. All I have to do is sew it on my jacket sleeve, and I'll be in business.

Landry held out a hand and practically yanked the object from Carter's grasp. Let me look at that... He perused the floppy work in his fingers. That's what I thought! he barked. This is a retirement patch!

Yes, it is, Jack told him in a calm voice.

Daniel blinked, and Teal'c started to grin. Are you actually retired? he asked.

Jack nodded. I am. As of yesterday at 0500 in the afternoon, I am no longer part if the active Air Force... again. He drew a deep breath before going on, I would have sewed the patch onto my sleeve, but I'm all out of blue thread.

What a shame, Vala intoned. I have some in my quarters, if you'd like to follow me? she shamelessly flirted.

Carter shot her a look that would have wounded a person if she still had her weapon handy, and Daniel elbowed the alien painfully in her ribs.

Ow! Vala rubbed at her side. What did I do?

Um.., Daniel noted. I think Sam has beginning dibs on the congratulations this time, he said, not even trying to be subtle any longer.

Damn right, Carter said in an uncharacteristic show of unmilitaristic behavior. Then she turned to O'Neill and smiled. Can I be the first to offer my congratulations? she asked brightly.

First, and last, Jack said with an answering grin. He held out his arms, and in only a second, Carter had given a throaty laugh, then flown into his embrace.

I had just about lost hope that this day would ever come! Carter said, her voice muffled by his coat, but still loud in the Embarkation Room.

Mitchell grimaced just a little. Easy there, Colonel Carter... You had to know this day would come eventually.

Jack looked up, his arms still wrapped tightly around Carter. That's Colonel O'Neill, thank you very much.

Mitchell looked confused for a second. No, he intoned slowly. That's 'Carter'... I should know the members of my own team!

Jack answered while still clinging to the Colonel. You may not know them as well as you think you do, though that's not exactly your fault at this time, he suggested.

Mitchell narrowed his eyes. Just what are you talking about? he asked.

Just what I said, Jack teased him even as he tried to explain. Meet Colonel O'Neill... my wife. And he pointed straight at Carter.

Wife!? Mitchell exploded, and Daniel suddenly grinned.

You're married? Daniel asked in amazement. Teal'c suddenly stepped forward, his staff weapon stilled at his side, to join the archaeologist at the bottom of the ramp. Landry just stood next to the two O'Neill's with his mouth hanging slightly open in surprise.

Well, it's not against regulations anymore, now that I'm retired, O'Neill said. And as no one brought up a complaint about our professional behavior... He gave a final squeeze to the woman in his arms, then brightened. Oh, I brought something else for you, he told her.

Sam stepped back and pushed her hair out of her eyes. There's more? she questioned, obviously just as surprised as the rest of her team.

Jack nodded again. Oh, yeah, he said, then reached into his right pocket for the second time. He pulled out a simple round wedding band. I think you can wear this, now, he said, and handed her the ring.

Teal'c grinned, clearly enjoying the joke played at his and every one else's expense. How long have the two of you been joined as one? he asked.

Jack glanced at Sam. How long..? he asked. Has it been one...?

It'll be two years in three days, she gently chided him. Like I know that you know very well, as you were just reminding me of the day this last weekend.

An expression of discovery crept over Daniel's face, then. Of course! he said. The sudden trip out East! His grin grew even wider as he said to Sam, You know, the one where I had to pick you up at the airport!

Vala whacked Daniel in his ribs with the back of her hand. They almost could have come back together.., she noted, and smiled, then tilted her head in what she had been told was a charming manner. How romantic.

How surprising, Landry snorted, and smiled as well. As I can see, my congratulations are in order, too!

Jack grinned at him. Thank you, was all he said, but then, he had the reputation of being a man of few words.

Sam slipped her ring onto her finger, and her arm around Jack's slim waist. Um, I have a surprise of my own, I guess, she announced.

Daniel gave a roll of his eyes. Not another surprise... I can't take any more! he mock cautioned.

Vala whacked Daniel in his ribs again. Daniel lapsed into silence as he rubbed at his side with his hands. Vala looked at Sam... Colonel O'Neill.., she noted, and looked slyly at both Sam and Jack. What nice lilt to a name, she noted, and raised her brows.

Um... Sam hated to have so much attention drawn to her, but, then, she had drawn it in the first place, she reminded herself. So she purposefully studied only Jack at her side. I'm two months pregnant, she bluntly stated.

Jack seemed to rear back as if she had struck him. Whaaaat? he asked.

Sam shrugged. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you sooner, but I didn't know for sure until yesterday at the doctor's yearly physical, and then I didn't feel like this was the kind of news one told over a phone... She shrugged again. Sorry... Dad, she said, as if she were telling him what kind of food she preferred at her own retirement party. But I did manage to prove one thing first, she told Landry.

And what's that, Colonel? he inquired as the news she had dropped on them all began to settle into his conscious mind.

'Gate travel doesn't seem to adversely effect a growing baby, she told him. I've been going on missions like normal these last two months, and all this time, I've been...

Daniel interrupted her. Hey, if it's a boy, we should name him Jack Junior! he said, with a pointed look at Teal'c.

Jack laughed along with him. Don't tempt us, Daniel... We just might do that! Inside, he was spinning at Sam's news, and expected that he would feel slightly sidewinded for the rest of the day. Imagine, him, a father again! He suddenly turned towards Sam. Good thing your Dad... He stopped at his rather thoughtless reminder of Jacob's sad death. Well, if your Dad were here, he said, he might have to hurt me!

Sam laughed at that, and Jack appeared to be infinitely glad that his mention of Jacob hadn't dredged up any unhappy memories. He'd have to hurt me, too, then! Sam said. And I don't think he would have done that.

Hey, Daniel interrupted once more. How about Jacob Junior?

It is your choice, of course, Teal'c reminded, then sent a glare in Daniel's direction. Or, at least, as much as Teal'c ever glared at anyone. I suggest that you not listen to DanielJackson on this matter.

Thor Junior? Daniel was going on, ignoring the warning from Teal'c. What about if it's a girl?

Daniel! Jack exclaimed. Will you let me get used to the idea of having a kid crawl all over me again, for crying out loud!

That's it! Daniel said with a snap of his fingers. For crying out loud!

You can't name a kid after a phrase like that! proclaimed a sardonic Mitchell. Now, Cam Junior has a nice ring to it.

Landry cut this speculation about names short. Let's move this into the Commissary, where, among other things, they have good cake to eat... He herded the team members through the heavy door and into the corridor. Walter! he yelled. You better join us, or else...

Hey, Daniel exclaimed then. Walter Junior!

I know! Sam suddenly said, then grinned. Let's name him after the man who carries the biggest wrench around here.

Siler! they shouted together, laughed, then disappeared down the corridor... food, even impromptu food... beckoned.

Vala suddenly leaned in to Daniel as they left the Embarkation Room. We're next, she purred with a grin.

No one was sure, but they all thought they heard a very Daniel sounding 'eek' echo down the corridor.

The End

That's my prediction, that Jack and Sam are together in some capacity when Amanda Tapping returned to the show at the beginning of season nine. I'm not at all sure about the pregnancy part... relatively unsure, in fact... or the marriage part... sort of sure... but that they are together in some way. That's my prediction, written in October of 2006. Now we wait and see if I'm right.

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