Steps in the Journey

by Linda Bindner

For my husband, Don, quite possibly the coolest guy in the universe.

Discussion: I started writing this story after Deadlock, but long before Resolutions, so much of it might seem out of date at this point. But I liked the ideas well enough to finish it a year after its inception, and I think it's worth sharing. After all, it's all in fun! Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns Voyager and all its characters. We all know and accept that, to the best of our abilities. My abilities screamed, Write this story! So I did. I own this story and all the ideas included. Feel free to distribute it, but please leave this header in place.

Chapter 1 - The Dangers of Reading
Chapter 2 - Bridges
Chapter 3 - On Strike
Chapter 4 - Tete-a-tete
Chapter 5 - Nature Versus Nurture
Chapter 6 - It's Not a Date
Chapter 7 - Mind Tango
Chapter 8 - Random Acts of Mild Flirtation
Chapter 9 - Intermission
Chapter 10 - The Big Event

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