Chapter 4: Wookie Thoughts

Chewbacca gave a mighty roar, shaking his hairy fists at the guards.  The Gamorreans weren’t remotely threatened by his two hairy fists.  They simply shoved him all the harder in the direction of the Palace dungeons.

        Chewie wasn’t concerned by the guards’ callous behavior.  He had expected it, really.  The reason for his growl and waving fists wasn’t to threaten the guards.  He had been testing for any weakness in the guards’ treatment of prisoners to see if he could take advantage of such behavior.  But the guards were trained well at what they did. They didn’t even blink twice at the Wookie’s apparent strength.  That meant they were confident in the integrity of Jabba’s prison cells, as well as their own security skills.  Their behavior didn’t leave any weakness to exploit.  Chewie wasn’t much encouraged by any of it.

        The likelihood of Chewbacca escaping on his own was growing dimmer by the moment.  It looked as if he really would need the help of the boy after all.  This didn’t sit well with the Wookie, naturally.  Though he had experienced Force users in the past, he preferred to rely on his brute strength for things like escapes rather than the boy’s untried abilities in manipulating energy fields that he couldn’t see.

        As the Gamorreans urged him to run headlong into a dingy cell, his last free thought was to hope that Han was safe enough still in his carbonite slab.  At least he wouldn’t do anything fun without him.

        The plan was a good one, he reminded himself.  It would work.

        It had to.

        Chewie let out a mournful growl as the cell door slammed shut and locked with an ominous clank.

        At least Jabba hadn’t seen fit to send that annoying droid to prison with him.  Though the droidless cell was dirty, dark, and dank, the prisoner accommodations at Jabba’s Palace beat the Cloud City prisons, hands down!

The End