Chapter 10: General Calrissian?!

        Han hurried down the corridor to catch up to General Rieekan before he reached the Rebel cruiser’s command center.  “General, can I talk to you for a minute?”

        Rieekan turned and waited once he saw that it was Han who had hailed him.  “Solo, I haven’t had a chance to tell you yet that it’s good to have you back.  We can really get some work done now that we’ll no longer have the Princess hounding our every steps to rescue you.”

        In spite of the feelings that Leia had professed for him, it still surprised Han that she had been so single minded since his carbonization.  “I would have expected her to be like that for the Rebellion, but for me… not so much.”

        “Then you don’t know the Princess,” chuckled Rieekan.  “You’re lucky to have her.”

        Han had to grin.  “At least I knew that much already.”

        Rieekan turned back in the direction of the command center when Han fell into step beside him.  “What can I do for you, Solo?”

        Han wasted no time now that he’d finally gotten the General alone for a moment.  “As much as I like talking about Leia, I’m here to talk about Lando.”

        “Calrissian?  He got back from Tatooine just fine, didn’t he?”

        “All his arms and legs are in the right places,” Han agreed.  “I want you to give him a promotion.”

That stopped the General.  “A promotion?”

Han paused in the corridor with him.  “He’s joined up with the fleet by now, hasn’t he?”

“Well, yes, and he has the rank of commander, the same as Skywalker.  He’s put it to good use for us, too.”

“That’s kind of my point,” Han next said, uncomfortable, but determined.  “He was at the Battle of Tanaab.”

Rieekan looked perplexed.  “I know, having assigned him to that mission.”

Han thoughtfully paused for a second, then amended, “I meant to say that he was the Battle of Tanaab.

Rieekan looked even more perplexed.  “What are you saying?”

“Lando’s more than just the fair pilot I said he was.  He took over the minute Captain Lewis was killed and got the team out alive.  Plus he managed to collect all the intel that saved the Rebellion a month later.”

“I know.  I was part of that command.  But if I recall, you were still frozen in carbonite at the time; how do you know--?”

“Luke was also part of that command, and he kept excellent logs on board the Falcon.  I read them on the way here, and in the last entry, he requested that I speak to you about this on his behalf.  He described everything that Lando did in detail, then suggested that he be made a General in the Rebel Fleet.  Now here I am, suggesting the same.”

Rieekan’s interest mounted.  “So this is a joint effort?”

“It is after I read Luke’s description of the battle.  What Lando did against steady odds was impressive.”

Rieekan looked convinced.  “You’re not a man to give compliments lightly, I know, Solo.  I’ll review Commander Skywalker’s logs myself, and bring it up at the next Council meeting.  I’ll let you know as soon as I have any information.”

“Thank you, General.”  Han nodded and turned away from Rieekan to head for the hangar bay.  He turned back just as quickly.  “Oh, and General?”


“Let’s keep this between ourselves.  There’s no need to tell Lando all the nitty-gritty details, is there?  It would just embarrass him.”

Rieekan smiled, as if he knew the real reason for Han’s concern.  “Consider it done.”

Han grinned.  “I owe you one, General.”

Rieekan gave a small smile in return.  “I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.”

The two men walked off down separate corridors, each already thinking about their next task.

And Lando Calrissian never suspected a thing.

The End